Rain in Mexico (full version)

Beto ‘Riginale

Never thought I would enjoy rain 
after growing up near San Francisco
foggy summers and dreary, overcast winters
followed by Santa Barbara, more of the same
winters in Munich
fresh snow, beautiful I admit
but the rest, more grey and dreariness
surrounded by grey stone and concrete buildings
the Foothills, slippery, slimy red mud, 
never washing away the red dust of summer
Portland then Corvallis
drizzle, drizzle, drizzle
fine if you are a frog or moss
then Mexico, Tierra Seca 
dusty, powdery, dingy.
But the appearance of dark clouds
large drops like water balloons
without warning fall from the heavens
thunder, lightning, rain
sudden, unexpected, scary
like those storms as a child in the Sierras
cleansing, washing away the dust, the dryness, the grey
watching by lightning’s light
as the roses in the garden outside my window
lift their heads in thirst
basking, bathing, drinking in the life-giving water
their colors, the colors of Mexico,
vibrant, cleansed of the powdery grey
Rain in Mexico
cleansing my Soul
washing away loneliness and sorrow
errors experienced and made
Reviving my joy for Life

Beto ‘Riginale
1 May 2018